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Banner Partner Program

The Banner Partner Program is a simple & unique opportunity to restore your credit & financial profile while also earning an income. This program is offered exclusively through Wealth Innovations and in partnership with 4th Dimension Financial and Credit Innovations Hub.

Our Banner Partners receive all the services found Here while participating in the revenue generated from our core offerings and in doing so, Banner Partners earn an ongoing monthly income. Our ultimate goal is to work with our Partners to qualify them as an accredited investor within a 24 to 36 month period.

Become a Banner Partner Affiliate

Wealth Innovations is more than just a company, we’re a community and a family. Our platform brings together resources, training, and on-going education opportunities by leading industry experts. Our program teaches you how to leverage your assets and credit in order to generate business revenue.

Our step-by-step program gives you access to weekly online training, resources, and a community of experts. Our platform brings people together to learn together.

Take advantage of our unique wealth curriculum and become eligible for participation in accredited-only investment opportunities. We take you through the entire process of repairing your credit and finances, creating a business & generating revenue, and help you become an accredited investor.

Learning the wealth creation tricks of the rich takes experience and knowledge. We bring you that experience and knowledge in a program designed around taking control of your financial future.

How It Works

Credit Worthiness

Improving your credit is the first step of the Wealth Innovations program. A clean credit report and high credit score makes accessing special finance and funding programs possible. We work in partnership with Credit Innovations Hub to show you the ins and outs to completely repairing your credit while cleaning up any blemishes recorded within your report. We then work with our strategic partner, 4th dimension Financial to get you the best funding package possible.

Banner Placement Program

With a clean credit report and high credit score, you can begin helping others achieve the same success. Your banner is a customized advertising piece designed to bring you business. The banner is successfully placed in a high traffic site that will draw in qualified candidates. Wealth will handle all the sales activities with these candidates and onboard them into the program. As this process continues, you will begin to earn income based on the revenue share program with Wealth Innovations. Advertising your banner program is the fundamental cornerstone of growing your new business with Wealth Innovations.

Accredited Investor Qualified

Though the banner program is a business in its own right, it’s only one of many steps to generating true wealth and financial freedom. Becoming financially independent is often the result of creating multiple independent streams of revenue. These passive, residual streams of income are how the world’s wealthiest people build their fortunes.. The banner program provides some of the income needed to qualify as an accredited investor. Becoming accredited investor qualified is the ultimate goal for our Banner Partners.

Banner Partner Program Benefits

Fully-Featured Affiliate Back-Office

Earning commissions and building your business has never been easier with real-time reporting and your own personalized back-office. Manage your business, track your deals, view commission reports, and run your business all from one convenient hub.

Personalized Marketing & Advertising Provided

Marketing and advertising your new business is simple with 4th Dimension Financial. Receive personalized marketing such as your own website, print advertising, a large high-quality banner, and everything you need to quickly advertise and bring on new clients and earn commissions!

Access Top Industry Talent & Resources

Joining our program gives you access to the credit & finance industry’s latest news, resources, and expertise. 4th Dimension Financial provides everything you need to repair your credit, restore your financial health, and create a lucrative business. Refer new Banner Partners to us and earn more!

All-Inclusive Training Program

Your enrollment in the Banner Partner Program entitles you to exclusive access to our comprehensive training and education program. We hand you the tools, knowledge, and resources to earn an ever-expanding income and to start making a difference in the financial well-being of people & families across the U.S.

'Business in a Box'

Our Banner Partner Program hands you everything you need to run & grow your business, share the program with others, work toward accredited investor qualification and is designed to be a turnkey program. We give you all of the training, resources, knowledge, and tools needed to succeed. Your success is our success and we’re committed to improving the financial well-being of families everywhere.

Our Unique Wealth Creation Formula

Making money and building a business you can count on depends on providing a product or service you can stand behind. Our Banner Partner Program is one-of-a-kind and offers a unique opportunity for anyone who is seeking the education, understanding and tools needed to build a sustainable financial platform. You will feel confident that the business you share is one you can stand behind!

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